Ship Songs

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A small but poetic exhibition looking at early European and Māori representations of seafaring vessels, with the Charlotte Jane as a focal point.

The technique of call and response resonates across many art forms and cultures, where it generally expresses something of a working conversation. A visual call and response is found in the nautical flag signals used by sailors to establish identity and other communications at sea. Ship Songs proposes a similar process in art. It does not seek to tell a tale of journeys or arrivals, although this and other ideas are evoked. Rather, it asks the viewer to simply consider the idea of the representation of the waka/ship, and to feel something familiar and human running through the works when presented together

  • Date:
    3 September 2016 – 6 February 2017
  • Curator:
    Nathan Pōhio
  • Exhibition number:
  • Historical Collection Art Partner

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