Image supply

Image supply

We are pleased to see works from our collection reproduced in print or online, and we are generally able to supply images of such works.

These are the things you will need to do:

  1. Where relevant, provide us with evidence that you have a relevant copyright licence. We can usually help with this.
  2. Fill in our application form, agreeing to the relevant terms and conditions as set out below.
  3. Pay the relevant image-supply fee we charge (though in some cases we may waive this).

Please note that in some cases we cannot supply images, for copyright, cultural or legal reasons.

Please contact us if you have any questions about reproducitons

Phone: +64-3-9417300


Our standard image-supply terms and conditions

Unless we agree to the contrary in writing, you must:

  • not publish or release the image(s) other than as set out in the licence;
  • include a specific credit and caption with the image(s);
  • send the Gallery a pre-publication or pre-release copy of the image(s) in context, for written approval by the Gallery, including in relation to context, any caption and credits;
  • not proceed with publication or release until you receive that approval;
  • promptly provide the Gallery with copies of any relevant publication or release in which the image(s) are used;
  • use the image(s) we supply in full, with no cropping or alterations; and
  • post-production, delete any digital file(s) of the image(s) supplied by the Gallery.

You will also need to promise not to use the image(s) supplied by the Gallery in any way that infringes copyright or moral rights or that breaches any other law. You will need to agree to indemnify the Gallery for any loss, damage or injury (including all legal costs) that the Gallery may suffer if you breach the image supply agreement in any way.



If you want us to supply an image of a work that is protected by copyright, you will generally first need to get written permission from the copyright owner. This may incur a further fee, payable directly to that copyright owner. In some cases, copyright material may be used without permission. We cannot, however, assess this for you or give you any legal advice on the matter.


W.A. Sutton Copyright

The Gallery generally owns copyright in works by W.A. Sutton, with proceeds from related licencing used to support the acquisition fund, as per Sutton’s wish. Should you wish to reproduce any work by W.A. Sutton (including any held in private hands or in any collection other than our own), you may need to apply to the Gallery for a licence. This licence can be supplied by you to any third party who owns the work/s you wish to reproduce.

If the work/s are not owned by the Gallery, please in the first instance complete this application form If the work/s are in the Gallery’s collection, please complete our application form. Applications for all works, be they Gallery- owned or otherwise are subject to our standard image-supply terms and conditions.



In cases where you are wishing to reproduce a work on display for the purpose of criticism, review or news reporting specific to an exhibition, please contact to receive the relevant media pack. Commercial use and distribution If you wish to reproduce or distribute images from our collection for commercial purposes, please refer to our Image Supply policy.


Image supply policy

Apart from uses specific to Gallery exhibition, collection and administration functions, the Gallery operates as any other entity when using copyright material owned by other people, and enters licencing arrangements with relevant copyright owners if it wants to commercialise that material (for example, to produce merchandise to sell to the public).   Apart from consulting (and getting clearances) from rights holders, where relevant it also consults with iwi and other stakeholders. 

The Gallery is open to other people and organisations commercialising works in its collections, but only after considering all relevant legal and ethical obligations.  Any application to commercialise images of works the Gallery owns or to distribute such images should in the first instance be sent to,nz.

Applications for commercialisation (including commercial distribution) will be considered on its merits and having regard to how the proposal aligns with the Gallery’s public not-for-profit purpose.  Any agreement to supply images to third parties for commercial purposes (including distribution), or to licence material in which the Gallery owns copyright, will be subject not only to relevant legal and cultural considerations, but also to the Gallery's written terms and conditions of supply.


William Alexander Sutton Threshold IV 1973. Oil on canvas. Collection of Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū 1985

Bill Sutton, Threshold IV 1973