Nature's Own Voice

This exhibition is now closed

Nature's Own Voice focuses on plein-air painters, who, through direct observation whilst working outdoors, aim to record the varying effects of differing light and weather conditions.

Nature's Own Voice features watercolours and oil paintings by artists with an interest in recording nature directly through painting en plein-air, a French expression meaning 'in the open air'.

Drawn entirely from the Gallery's permanent collection, the exhibition includes examples of New Zealand's most accomplished plein-air painters and highlights their interest in painting nature through direct observation outdoors, recording the fall of natural light and various atmospheric effects in different weather conditions.

The exhibition also includes the painting Cornfields by the nineteenth-century French artist, Eugène Boudin, and rare film footage of Bill Sutton completing a watercolour of Lyttelton Harbour outdoors.


  • Date:
    6 February – 26 July 2009
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