Robert Percy Moore

b.1881, d.1948

Christchurch NZ 1923. No.1 (View of Christchurch City from the Cathedral Tower)

  • 1923
  • Silver gelatin photographic print (contact print from the Cirkut camera negative)
  • Presented by Mark Strange and Lucy Alcock, 2011
  • 353 x 1100mm
  • 2011/253
  • View on google maps

R. P. Moore ascends the cathedral’s spire to put his swivelling Cirkut camera to its familiar task. Up the narrow spiral stone staircase, a breezy ladder, past the bells, he reaches the balcony with its clear view facing west. A heavy morning frost means it is cold; the coal smoke of home and office fires lend partial soft-focus to the view.

The Square below has a single horse carriage and thirteen motorcars neatly parked. A tram beside the Clarendon Hotel curves right towards the Square. Tram tracks cut sweeping lines in the frost. None below have noticed the elevated cameraman, who turns the switch. it's five past nine as the camera begins its mechanical roll.

(Above ground, 2015)

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