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ISBN: 1176-0540


In this issue of Bulletin, Physics Room director Abby Cunnane looks in depth at Jeremy Leatinu’u’s Te Whakawhitinga – an eleven-minute film that follows the southward journey of a young Māori man as he travels from Northland to Te Waipounamu to begin his military service and enter World War II. Hanahiva Rose reflects on the Māori Moving Image exhibition and the way that moving image can breathe new life into existing imagery. Writer and curator Francis McWhannell shines a light on the work of Canterbury artist Grant Lingard, who addressed gay issues in his witty and poetic work, from the repression and confusion of New Zealand’s macho rugby culture to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. And our curators each select a work from our new collection exhibition Perilous that offers a different perspective on the intersection of the past and future. From Rita Angus’s Cass to Ana Iti’s Treasures Left by our Ancestors, they invite us to rethink how we commonly see our heritage.

Our Pagework is supplied by Amy Howden-Chapman, whose work focuses on the increasing urgency and ongoing complacency around our response to the climate crisis, and the weirdly persistent blind spot we seem to have for what is truly a global crisis. Lyttelton writer and poet Ben Brown selects Shane Cotton’s Takarangi for our My Favourite – his response is lyrical and rather special.

Author: Various

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 265 x 215mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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