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ISBN: 1176-0540


The winter edition of Bulletin marks an anniversary for us, and a rather big celebration—our 200th issue. Here writer Sally Blundell takes a look at what this magazine has been over its time, why and how it has changed, and who has been involved.

Another major feature of this issue is Te Wheke: Pathways Across Oceania, a large-scale rehang and reimagining of our collection that was being installed when the country went into lockdown. We’ve commissioned new writing to explore the some of the themes explored in the show: art critic and author Lana Lopesi looks at the changing ways we understand our place in the Pacific; curator, writer and public programmer Emma Ng explores how records, images and objects can make sense of the world changing around them, and the feeling of journeying and returning; and writer and artist Janine Randerson looks at works in Te Wheke that grapple with the realities of climate change in the Pacific. And our own curators each pick a favourite work from Te Wheke to explore in greater detail. It’s rewarding to be able to dig deeper into the rich stories that surround these pieces.

Our Pagework comes from Shane Cotton, whose major Baseland exhibition fell during our last period of closure. Our My Favourite is from Jamie Hanton, director of the Physics Room and newly appointed curator for SCAPE. And our Postcard is from artist Wendelien Bakker, who writes of a locked-down Rome in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis.

And we’ve also taken some time to check in on the artists we know and work with. This magazine features a short vox pop asking how they are coping with the Covid-19 lockdown, and showing what their studio set-ups look like.

Author: Various

Features: Gold gatefold cover

Pages: 80

Dimensions: 265 x 215mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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