White Camellias: A Century of Art Making by Canterbury Women

This exhibition is now closed

In association with Trust Bank Canterbury and the 1993 Suffrage Centennial Trust, Whakatu Wahine, the Gallery presents White Camellias - A Century of Art Making by Canterbury Women, a retrospective exhibition of work by women artists who have contributed to the development of Canterbury's art since 1893.

The exhibition will assess the work of both well-known and lesser known Canterbury women artists. Artists such as Rata Lovell Smith, Olivia Spencer Bower, Rita Angus, Louise Henderson, Margaret Stoddart, and Ngaio Marsh are included among the historical artists, while Julia Morison, Tiffany Thornley, Doris Lusk, Linda James and Allie Eagle are some names from the contemporary part of the exhibition. These works are drawn from both the Gallery's own collection and a number of private lenders.

Rather than presenting a simple biographical view of each artist White Camellias will assess the social issues surrounding the production of women's art and the themes which appear through the art of the last 100 years this will provide a context for assessing the development of Canterbury art and the role of women in that development. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

In association with the White Camellias exhibition, the Gallery is hosting an Art History Conference, 5 and 6 July at the Mona Vale Homestead.

The focus of the conference will be women's practise in the discipline of art history, including both contemporary and historical perspectives. Speakers include Anne Kirker, author of New Zealand Women Artists (1986, 1992) and Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photography at Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; Alexa Johnston, Principal Curator Auckland City Art Gallery; and Julie King, Jillian Cassidy and Pamela Gerrish Nunn of the University of Canterbury.

('White Camellias: A Century of Art Making by Canterbury Women', Bulletin, No.85, June/July 1993, p.1-2)

  • Date:
    3 June – 19 September 1993
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