Real Vision

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Exacting representation has had a long history in western art, reaching a zenith with the Flemish and Dutch Masters of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. There have been several revivals of what is broadly termed 'realism' particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Since the nineteenth century the influence of photography has played a significant part in reshaping imagery which has long been associated with perceived reality. Today internationally, there are still many artists active who have strong leanings towards traditional objectivity and motif concern.

Real Vision explores representational painting in both an historical and contemporary sense and will be thematically integrated within two distinct sections of the exhibition. It presents both European and New Zealand artists approaches to the perception of the real world.

In traditional academic art training the still life, or common object, was considered to embody many of the essentials that an artist required to test powers of observation and interpretation. Mastery of still-life opened the way to dealing with a whole range of subjects that included the figure, the portrait, animals and the landscape.

The historical section of Real Vision is based around this premise. Visitors will experience ten different sequential themes beginning with still-life and ending in the landscape and the fantastic beyond, where all themes merge in a reality of the mind.

Many of the works exhibited are from the Gallery's own collections but forty five paintings have been borrowed from other public and private sources.

The contemporary section of Real Vision comprises the work of twenty one New Zealand artists who have been invited to participate. Included are; Alvin Pankhurst, Martin Ball, Glenda Randerson, Heather Busch, John Buckley, Peter Siddell, Sally Hope, George Baloghy, Justin Boroughs, Paul Martinson. Mark Cross, Michael Eaton. Sam Mahon, Ross Ritchie, Paul Jackson, Steve Harris. Colin Wheeler, Grahame Sydney. Kees Bruin, and Brent Wong.

('Real Vision', Bulletin, No.87, November/December 1993/January 1994, p.1)

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    25 November 1993 – 13 February 1994
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