earlier labels about this work
  • Ape To Zip: Adventures in Alphabet Art, 13 May 2005 – 8 October 2006

    In the exhibition Ape to Zip this work was used for the letter I and was displayed with the following label:

    INSIDE It almost feels as if you could walk right inside this painting. It looks like a real house, but it's very tidy! Do you think the man and his dog's house looks like this? There's a group of still-life objects on the table, and another word starting with ‘i'…

    2003 label

    Creating a domestic interior which glows with an unnatural light, Randerson does not paint exactly what she sees, but rather incorporates elements selected from photographs, drawings and other sources into a new, and highly artificial, composition. This painting, from her Interiors series, reveals the heightened sense of realism she achieves through the use of subtle muted tones, strong lighting contrasts and a gentle smoothing out of detail. Applying a cool restrained focus to the room's formal details, Randerson turns hard edges into a series of simplified horizontal and vertical lines. Using large areas of uninterrupted colour, she gives this simple domestic interior a sense of drama and unease.