Ink on Paper: Aotearoa New Zealand Printmakers of the Modern Era

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 An exquisite selection of etchings, lithographs, wood-engravings and linocuts made during one of the most dynamic periods in Aotearoa’s art history.

Printmaking in Aotearoa New Zealand came into its own during the first half of the twentieth century when the medium experienced a revival in Western art. Ink on Paper is the country’s first survey of New Zealand printmakers from this era. It includes linocuts, woodcuts, wood-engravings, lithographs and etchings by some of our most respected artists, including Rita Angus, Frances Hodgkins, Bill Sutton and Colin McCahon, alongside lesser known artists such as Hilda Wiseman, Adele Younghusband and Hinehauone Coralie Cameron. Often overlooked and small in scale, but most certainly punching above their weight, the prints included in Ink on Paper collectively highlight printmaking from this period as an exciting, dynamic and progressive time in New Zealand’s art history. The artists in this exhibition, working both at home and abroad, were at the forefront of the establishment of a New Zealand printmaking tradition, bringing the medium rightfully into the fold of respected creative practice alongside painting and sculpture.

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