Francis Upritchard

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1976


  • 2006
  • Rabbit fur, tanned goat skin, modelling materials
  • Purchased 2008
  • Reproduced courtesy of Kate Macgarry and the artist
  • 550 x 380 x 450mm
  • 2008/018

Francis Upritchard’s baboon-ish Husband and Wife are like animals from an imaginary zoo, though their expressions may have been borrowed from the human visitors who come to stare at the beasts. Husband, absorbed with his own cleverness, does not mind such attention; Wife seems less comfortable, cringing under the viewers’ gaze.

Based in London, Upritchard is a sculpture graduate (1998) from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts. Since her first exhibition in London in 2000, she has shown in many different parts of the world.

(Beasts, 2015)

Exhibition History