Connie Samaras

United States, b.1950

Untitled (Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica)

  • Purchased 2014
  • Single-channel video, colour, sound, duration 4 mins 30 secs, looped
  • 2014/086
  • 2005
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The Weddell seal inhabits the ice shelves around Antarctica, living and breeding further south on the planet than any other mammal. The known record for holding its breath is ninety-six minutes – an incredible feat which allows it time to find or make breathing holes in the ice, and to stay down long enough to capture its preferred prey, which often live very deep.

Los Angeles-based Connie Samaras made this video in Antarctica in 2005 while on a special study grant for artists and writers.

(Beasts, 2015)

The images shown here are stills taken from the video.