Urban fauna

Behind the scenes

With the Gallery's Outer Spaces programme, I was thrilled to return to my usual duties as a visitor host in Julia Morison's exhibition at 212 Madras Street. To have the privilege of working in such a wonderful building that arguably could be one of Christchurch's historic buildings of the future and to interact with new and familiar visitors was wonderful. The view from the windows into the red zone has been extremely interesting to watch [see blog posts passim, Ed.]

But even more so late last week as amongst all the deconstruction and demolition, to my absolute delight (being an animal lover), I saw a wee grey rabbit hopping through the rubble. He appeared again yesterday but unfortunately it is very difficult to capture him/her on film YET. So as this first exhibition at NG closes and I wait with bated breath for the next, and as the cordons are lifted my wee grey friend may be able to venture closer..