Doprah – live at the Gallery

Filmed live at the Gallery on 4 March 2016, the first Gig at the Gallery of 2016 was an epic affair, as we played host to local act Doprah's psychotropic beats and good vibes, for the release party of their highly-anticipated debut album Wasting.

San Pedro
Black Lodge

Produced by Belmont Productions


The Mix: Razzle Dazzle
The Mix: Razzle Dazzle

It's the last Mix of 2017, so get ready to get down on November 29th! Get your glad rags on and bust out your dancing shoes for a FREE night out including a dance class with Shut Up and Dance, a rundown on what 2018 holds for the Royal New Zealand Ballet with Frances Turner, DJs, art tours, pop-up bars and food trucks.

Gallery Happenings: Grayson Gilmour

Gallery Happenings: Grayson Gilmour

In early March we were lucky enough to have the incredibly talented Grayson Gilmour performing at the Gallery, supported by the equally talented Purple Pilgrims and New Dawn. I love these gigs, but there is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes to make sure that, by the time the public walk in the door, the foyer is gig ready. The process normally feels like a long, slow marathon with a sprint at the final corner. So here’s a guide to how you too can get the NZI Foyer gig-ready in five (or six) easy steps.

Energies: Haines & Hinterding

Energies: Haines & Hinterding

See, hear, smell and feel the invisible energies that surround us as Australian artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding summon unseen forces.