Gwen Raverat

British, b.1885, d.1957

Poplars in France

  • 1916
  • Wood engraving
  • Presented by Rex Nan Kivell, 1953
  • 97 x 184mm
  • 94/119

A major figure in the British wood engraving movement of the 20th century, Gwendolen Raverat took an impressionistic approach to the medium. Rather than in the studio, she worked on many of her subjects, such as Poplars in France, out of doors. Raverat’s first wood engravings date from 1905 and, although she received little formal training, she excelled with the medium. She studied at the Slade School in 1908, and in 1915 settled in France with her husband and two daughters. Raverat was a founding member of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1920. She returned to England in 1925 and continued to illustrate books.

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