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ISBN: 1176-0540


Phew, this issue of Bulletin is packed! We explore art’s place in promoting wellbeing with Ciarán Fox, a public health professional and one of the people behind allright.co.nz. And Ryan Reynolds, one of the founders of Christchurch’s Gap Filler organisation, tells us how he sees the role of creativity in responding to disaster and crisis.

We also hear from Laurence Simmons, who examines a major work by Bill Hammond from this collection; long a favourite with our visitors, The Fall of Icarus (after Bruegel) is read by Simmons as a critique of the environmental destruction wrought by colonial settlers as they carved out the agricultural hinterland of this outpost of Great Britain.

New York-based, New Zealand-born Max Gimblett talks to curator Peter Vangioni about the Covid-19 lockdown, his life and path to becoming an artist, and his Zen Buddhism practice. And we are pleased to have a contribution from artist Dane Mitchell, who has provided his ‘list of lists’—260 compilations of lost, misplaced or destroyed entities.

As we continue to reflect on our period of lockdown isolation, curator Ken Hall examines an unlikely pairing of interior views by James Durden and Jacqueline Fahey, exploring ideas of protection zones, and the house as a site of refuge and confinement. We also publish the winning entries from our Blue Globe writing competition, which challenged school-age children to write stories, poems and songs based on works from our collection. Our Pagework is supplied by Lyttelton-based artist Emma Wallbanks, and Keren Oertly provides our My Favourite.

Author: Various

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 265 x 215mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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