Shannon Te Ao: Tā“nei Ao Kawa Nei

This exhibition is now closed

Tenderness and human longing are revealed in Shannon Te Ao’s award-winning video installations.

Shannon Te Ao is of Ngāti Tūwharetoa descent and one of New Zealand’s leading artists working in performance and video installation. Working from within the Māori paradigm, Te Ao produces sensual cinematic experiences. He is interested in the varied social implications formed when text is presented in performance, video installation or printed works and his works are honest, unmediated and intimate in their response to human tenderness and longing. Te Ao reveals an essential human beauty seldom seen in contemporary art through colour, sound and performance. The Wellington-based artist won the 2016 Walters Prize, New Zealand’s most prestigious contemporary art award for the works two shoots that stretch far out (2013–14) and okea ururoatia (never say die) (2016)

  • Date:
    11 March – 23 July 2017
  • Curator:
    Nathan Pōhio
  • Exhibition number:
  • Contemporary Art Partner
    Contemporary Art Partner