Seung Yul Oh: Huggong

This exhibition is now closed

Christchurch Art Gallery has a new offsite space, and Seung Yul Oh has filled it to bursting with his comically vast balloon sculptures.

Large-scale sculpture is usually a heavy business: heavy in materials and heavy in mood. But Seung Yul Oh is a rising New Zealand artist who shows how big art can also be light. Invited to inaugurate Christchurch Art Gallery's newest offsite space, on Tuam Street above C1, Oh has filled the room to bursting point with two vast red and yellow balloons. Squeezed against the ceiling, bulging around columns, and forcing viewers back against the walls, Oh's sculptures are benign and funny space invaders (just don't try brandishing a pin). Huggong runs concurrently with Reuben Paterson's dazzling digital animation Te Putahitanga o Rehua, just a short walk around the corner at 212 Madras Street.

  • Date:
    21 March – 24 April 2013
  • Location:
    209 Tuam Street
  • Exhibition number:
  • Part of
    Outer Spaces