Robert Gibbings

British, b.1889, d.1958

St Brendan and the Sea Monsters

  • 1934
  • Wood engraving
  • Gift of Rosalie Archer, 1975
  • Estate of Robert Gibbings and the Heather Chalcroft Literary Agency
  • 175 x 135mm
  • 90/18

Robert Gibbings was an early convert to wood engraving and quickly appreciated its qualities. He once wrote:

Discipline in art: was that what I’d come to London for? Impressionism was what I thought I was after. I couldn’t think what all this hard labour on wood was about. There was no tradition at the time; it seemed a lot of finicky gouging to get a few lines that might have been obtained more easily with a pen or brush. But slowly a love of the wood came upon me. I began to enjoy the crisp purr of the graver as it furrowed the polished surface. I began to appreciate the cleanness of the white line that it incised: even the simplest silhouettes had an austere quality, a dignity, that could not be achieved by other means. Clear, precise statement, that was what it amounted to. Near enough wouldn’t do: it had to be just right.

The Golden Age 18 December 2015 – 1 May 2016

An illustration from 'Beasts and Saints', translated by Helen Waddell, published by Constable, 1949.

Listen to the passage that inspired this work, read by Elric Hooper.

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