Rhona Haszard

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1901, d.1931

La Coupée, Sark

Rhona Haszard studied at the Canterbury College School of Art in Ōtautahi Christchurch during the early 1920s before leaving for Europe with her husband and fellow artist, Lesley Greener, eventually settling in Alexandria in Egypt. On a trip to London in 1929, they visited the First Exhibition of British Lino-Cuts organised by Claude Flight and were immediately enamoured with the medium. Back in Alexandria, both Rhona and Leslie began working with linocuts, and the resulting prints were exhibited at Galerie Paul. A short while later their work was also included in the Second Exhibition of British Lino-Cuts in London in 1930. Rhona had much promise as a painter and printmaker, but she died tragically

Ink on Paper: Aotearoa New Zealand Printmakers of the Modern Era, 11 February – 28 May 2023

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