Tony Oursler: Bright Burn Want

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The fantastically strange, inescapably human works of renowned video artist Tony Oursler.

From neurotic talking heads to monstrous outdoor projections, Christchurch Art Gallery offers an unforgettable insight into the parallel universe of world-renowned American video artist Tony Oursler, whose grotesque, morphing faces and tragicomic dialogues invite both our discomfort and our empathy. Out front at 212 Madras Street, an oddly dysfunctional light bulb accompanies a classic Oursler monologue, while inside the spaces are inhabited by the psychedelically-coloured, multiple personalities of Spectar and the neurosis and existential angst of Sang and Vision Tracey Doll. Come dark, Fist and Head (Knocking) make compelling additions to the city's nocturnal landscape.

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