Steve Carr: Majo

This exhibition is now closed

Steve Carr's strangely mesmerising sound and video projection is shown after dark in an upstairs window of the old house opposite the Gallery on Worcester Boulevard.

Steve Carr's strangely mesmerising video shows the artist working a toy plastic bubble, which he inflates then slowly deflates to the beat of a 1970s Italian horror movie soundtrack. Metallic wind is joined by reverberating percussive strike and wailing electronic choir, investing seemingly playful footage with an urgent sense of danger or fright. Starting as if in slow-motion, the bubble changes gradually from amorphous, twirling egg to collapsing jellyfish. Tension also subsides, before the moment begins again. Steve Carr's Majo is part of the Gallery's Outer Spaces programme, and is viewable after dark on Worcester Boulevard at the old house opposite the Gallery.

Exhibition number 933

  • Date:
    1 March – 26 July 2013
  • Curator:
    Ken Hall
  • Exhibition number: