Endless Light

This exhibition is now closed

Historic European artworks that embrace the thrill-filled moments which art and light provide.

Artists are great observers of light. Endless Light draws out works from the historic collection that express, reveal or simply acknowledge something of what light does. Although predominantly focused upon romanticism, it also includes some late-nineteenth-century impressionist works indicate a move towards modernism in the early twentieth century.

From electrifying European sunsets and calming moonrises over English pastures to the brooding silver clouds of Otira. Artists Claude-Joseph Vernet, John Gibb and Petrus van der Velden and more make hard-won skills appear light and almost effortless when representing the world around them.

  • Date:
    29 June 2019 – 8 March 2020
  • Curator:
    Nathan Pōhio
  • Exhibition number: