Joseph Michael: Amazon - Raised Up Sky

Joseph Michael: Amazon - Raised Up Sky


Past event

Philip Carter Family Auditorium


An insight into the development of visual artist Joseph Michael’s augmented reality artwork, Amazon: Raised Up Sky.

Amazon: Raised Up Sky is an augmented reality artwork that explores the interconnectivity of humans and nature, a groundbreaking fusion of art and science placing the viewer in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. Through conversations with indigenous leaders, scientists and artists, Michael explores our physical, biological and cultural link to trees. 

Experience the augmented reality work in development and watch a short documentary following his process in this artist talk with Joseph Michael. 

Amazon: Raised Up Sky has been made possible by the Latin America Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence. 

Event schedule: 
3pm AR Experience 
3.30pm Artist Talk
4.30pm AR Experience

About Joseph Michael:
Joseph Michael’s large-scale installations bring remote areas of the world to the core of urban centres, challenging a human centred worldview and bringing into stark focus the consequences of our treatment of the planet. His works are internationally recognised, most recently having exhibited Voices For The Future on the United Nations Headquarters in New York City during the 2019 UNGA and Climate Action Summit.