Heck yeah, that happened!


Our very own Art-tastic by our very own Sarah Pepperle won TWO awards at last night's New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults at Te Papa!!!

Here' what the judges said:


Art-tastic makes learning about art effortless – and celebrates the creative potential in everyone, so that you are left feeling that you too can be an artist. Even in a less visually stunning setting, the writing here would shine. The author has an out-of-this-world talent for presenting information – both factual and abstract – in a digestible, hilarious, approachable way. She’s ticking all the boxes for non-fiction writing and breaking all the rules at the same time – there’s a rare instinct on show here for how children work. This writing is addictive and the judges can’t wait to read more work from this highly talented writer.


This is a rare book that makes art – in this case the iconic works in the Christchurch Art Gallery – accessible and fun for young readers and shows how it can touch all aspects of our lives. It has so many wonderful design features: generous format and layout, bold images, and funky graphics. And the writing is outstanding: instantly engaging, slyly educational, and peppered with a sense of humour that sometimes (to quote one of the judges) “just goes full dork”. It’s a wonderful hands-on book which will inspire self-expression for all ages. Art-tastic is a work of art.

Check out the book in action, then go full dork on your own copy. Buy it here for $29.99.