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Te Ara volume 28 number 1, May 2003

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Te Ara volume 28 number 1, May 2003


Editorial / Jane Legget
An interview with Dr Seddon Bennington / Anthony Haas
Cultural attraction landscapes - a future view of urban features / Jenny Cave
Collectors, curios and curatorial practice / Carol Meyer
Collection assets - how should we account? / Kevin Simpkin
Small museum buildings - the role of the museum advocate / John Coster
Out and about in Aotearoa New Zealand / Canadian interns
The same but different - some current issues in Canadian museums / Jane Legget
The New Zealand Cartoon Archive / Ian F. Grant
A test of character: Southern Land Southern People at the Otago Museum / Linda Tyler
Hyperreal authentic fakery at Our Place / Steve Austin
Growing Pains at the Curatorial Hall / Clare Regnault
Blue Sky: towards a bright future for New Zealand museums / Peter Ireland
Curatorial masterclass / Peter Vangioni & Jennifer Hay
Newly-found Maori artefacts / Brodie Stubbs
Three historic houses in Auckland - a visitor's view / Peggy Schaeffer
Taking care of textile collections / Rachael Collinge
Implications of the development of museums in Australia for the early history of museums in New Zealand 1915-1945 / Derek Monz
Te Papa Archives: Museums associations' records and much more / Leanne Dufault
Book reviews: Pukaki: a comet returns / David Butts; New to New Zealand: a guide to Ethnic Groups in New Zealand / Susan Brooker; Developing Heritage Tourism in New Zealand and Developing Rural Tourism in New Zealand / Tony Staniford; Whenua: managing our resources / Mere Whaanga

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