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AGMANZ and Te Ara

AGMANZ News Volume 14 Number 2 June 1983

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AGMANZ News Volume 14 Number 2 June 1983

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Some notes and queries on the collecting of photographs by NZ librarians, museums and art galleries / John Turner
Alternative cinema film distribution / Martin Rumsby
Moko: The art of the Maori tattoo / John Perry
The outreach service of Auckland Institute & Museum Studies / Sherry Reynolds
AGMANZ Maori Curator’s Fellowship 
The conservation of a Maori meeting house — a living artefact / Karel Peters
President’s report to AGMANZ conference / Luit Bieringa
Museum studies 
The interpretation of Te Porere / Kevin Jones
Conservation news / Georgina Christensen
AGMANZ incoming council

AGMANZ and Te Ara
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