White on White

This exhibition is now closed

New for children and families, White on White is the thought-provoking replacement to I See Red. Includes new works by contemporary artists, and works from the permanent collection by Ando Hiroshige, Eileen Mayo, Jude Rae and Peter Robinson.

Keeping younger audiences in mind, White on White is an exhibition brimming with the imaginative possibilities of white.

The exhibition includes new or recent works by artists including Sean Kerr, Steve Carr, Scott Eady, Simon Shepheard, Niki Hastings-McFall and Gregor Kregar, with highlights from the collection by Eileen Mayo, Ando Hiroshige, Peter Robinson and Jude Rae.

Interactive components include a scientific machine investigating the nature of white light, an artwork in fake fur by Simon Shepheard and a miniature photo booth allowing visitors to make and email their own creations inspired by Steve Carr's photography.

  • Date:
    23 November 2008 – 14 November 2009
  • Curator:
    Ken Hall
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