City Walking Tour of Dane Mitchell’s Post Hoc

City Walking Tour of Dane Mitchell’s Post Hoc

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First staged at the 2019 Venice Biennale, the Christchurch iteration of Dane Mitchell’s Post hoc also involves three sculptural-sound components in public space.

Mitchell has installed three six-metre, fake-tree cell-phone towers, or franken-pines, in the CBD and Botanic Gardens. Join Gallery curator Melanie Oliver on an hour-long tour of these simulated trees, and hear the lists of lost things they ‘speak’ – at the heart of Mitchell’s Post hoc are 260 meticulously researched lists of countless phenomena that existed, but are now no more.

SCAPE Public Art curator Jamie Hanton will also introduce a new work, Lacuna, that Mitchell has made for this season on display at the Arts Centre.

A Latin phrase, ‘Post hoc’ translates as ‘after this’. It describes the assumption that an occurrence has a logical relationship with the event it follows. In Mitchell’s presentation, Post hoc evoked the question of the connections between events and vanished ‘past things’, without necessarily calling up judgement.