Hamerkop's Remote

Hamerkop's Remote


Past event

Philip Carter Family Auditorium


Hamerkop is Baltimore-based sound nerds Annabel Alpers (formerly of Bachelorette, she is a composer, singer and instrumentalist) and Adam Cooke (drummer and audio engineer). They are performing their new work, Remote—a live, multi-speaker, surround-sound experience that blends field recordings, pop and minimalism.

The project began as an exploration of the beauty of sound, inspired by Alpers’s collection of field recordings from her homeland and beyond. The resulting work still contains the pop sentiment of her previous work in Bachelorette, anchored by Cooke’s minimalist drumming as she expands her use of experimental textures and vocal layers.

In Alpers’s words, “My intention is to create a live sonic experience that encompasses the audience, and is as cathartic for you to listen to as it is for me to make. I'm inspired by the beauty of my remote homeland, New Zealand, which I miss so much when I'm away. I'm also inspired to find beauty in parts of everyday life – patterns and forms, mundanity, longing, excitement, nature (tamed and untamed), connections, fragility... (the list is endless) – and attempt to communicate this awe to you, through music.”   

70 min.

Numbers are limited so bookings are recommended.

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