The Incredible Trans-Tasman Opening Trifecta

Behind the scenes

You may be a foxy old prestidigitator, David Copperfield...

Those of us who've been here in Sydney installing Shane's show this week will have a stay-awake six-pack of Red Bull ready for her on arrival, while raising a glass of Tooheys or whatever it may be to those back in New Zealand who helped make the trans-Tasman trifecta happen.


...but can you open three exhibitions on one day in three sites in two countries?

No doubt. But until you do, Dave, we're proud to be doing so. Today.

First up, Seung Yul Oh and Reuben Paterson at 209 Tuam Street and 212 Madras Street respectively, both opening to the public this morning.

Then, Shane Cotton's The Hanging Sky, launching tonight in Sydney at Campbelltown Arts Centre - this touring show's second Australian venue.

Rumour has it one committed Christchurch Art Gallery staff member will be giving the space-time continuum a Copperfieldian workout and seeing all three shows today.