Wayne’s workshop

Behind the scenes

Wayne Youle ran a two-day workshop for 25 teenagers over the weekend. Students from an array of local Christchurch secondary schools were challenged to keep up with Wayne's non-stop energy... and to learn creative and design skills.


They worked on different creative tasks like drawing and design techniques, collages, sculpture and group work - all before lunch on the first day.

In the afternoon the group discussed Wayne's mural in Sydenham and decided on their own silhouette to represented something they missed or had lost since the earthquakes. Some of the participants were from schools that had been badly damaged or red-zoned, some had lost homes, most have had friends move away so everyone could easily pick a symbol or two (or three) to be their silhouette.


On day two they were tasked to make their symbol into a sculpture made from stuffed blankets and sheets that they had brought in from home. For the majority of the class this was the first time they had used a sewing machine since manual classes at intermediate, so creating a sculpture from fabrics was a trying test for some. However, everyone managed and made some fantastic objects.

All the work will be displayed at South Library on Colombo Street after Easter until the end of April. A massive thanks to Wayne (and his family) for generously giving his time and for sharing his ideas and skills. Also, a big thanks to Tim and to the School of Arts and Design at CPIT for collaborating on the workshop and allowing us to use their space.