Behind the scenes

What's that weird sensation? Faint, but growing stronger. A stretching, tingling, anticipatory sort of feeling. Familiar but hard to name. After all this time, it couldn't be, surely? But yes (nervously touches wood), it really does seem to be true... It's that getting-ready-to-make-a-show feeling. People, we are about to present some art.

It's not happening on the walls of the Christchurch Art Gallery, which are mournfully empty due to the demolitions next door. But the wall we're working on more than compensates in its setting and sheer size. In partnership with the very good folk from Gap Filler, who have been steadily sowing quake-city's vacant lots with outbursts of imaginative energy, we are heading this week to the battered but rallying suburb of Sydenham, where something good will soon start to grow on this supersized stretch of concrete wall.


There'll be dispatches aplenty on Bunker Notes over the fortnight to come. But if you feel like catching up with what's happening in analogue rather than digital format, just head south along Colombo St and look to your left as you come over the Moorhouse overbridge. As of tomorrow, Tuesday, the team will be there daily with scissor lifts, paper stencils, Stanley knives, sun block, a boombox, and a whoooooooooooooooole lot of paint.