Vital statistics

Behind the scenes

I'm just back from Sydenham, where the big grey wall I mentioned yesterday is receiving its first layer of Resene Manuka Honey. Nothing like the sight of paint rolling out to warm an art-starved curator's heart.

A wall that's grey, but not for long.

A wall that's grey, but not for long.

More soon on Bunker Notes about the artist whose work this is. In the meantime, here are some vital statistics from the practical end of this Christchurch Art Gallery/Gap Filler collaboration (cheers to Peter Bray and Chris Pole for the numbers):

50 litres Concrete Primer

80 litres Resene Manuka Honey

40 litres Resene Milk Chocolate (to paint 10125 dots)

60 litres Black (to paint 95 very large black silhouettes)

300 A0 sheets of paper (which is about 300 square metres, to create stencils for those 95 black shapes)