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The Group 1927-1977


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The Group Show catalogue 1931.

Kindly supplied by the Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury.

Items MB194-12-7-1 and MB194-12-7-2

This catalogue is incomplete but it is the only one known to have survived. Other artists known from press reviews to have exhibited at this exhibition are Margaret Anderson (1903-1997), Willliam Baverstock (1893-1975), James Cook (1904-1960), Robert Nettleton Field (1899-1987) and W H Montgomery (1866-1958).

Details of these reviews can be found here.

If you know where we could find a complete copy of this catalogue, please tell us.

The Group 1927-1977
The Group 1927-1977
The Group 1927-1977