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AGMANZ and Te Ara

Te Ara volume 30 number 1 May 2005

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Te Ara volume 30 number 1 May 2005


Editorial / Jane Legget
Cultural evolution in New Zealand: people, identity and the land / Chris Laidlaw
American Indian tribes and their museums / Lisa Watt
The Macchiaoli Affair: lost and found in Italy / John Timmins
Ringing in the Watches - collaboration across creative disciplines inspired by museum collections / Ashley Remer
Why are there no pink dresses? Stepping back in time at Ferrymead / Joanna Cobley
A strategy for the museum sector in New Zealand / Ross Tanner
A becoming attraction: Lopdell House Gallery re-invents itself / Terry Manson
Writing history at The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Te Puakitanga / Karen Smith
Wanted: a good home for these vessels... / Vicky Spalding
Creative tensions? Yeah, right / Jane Legget
America's hard heritage / Bryan Lintott
Training of young leaders in cultural heritage protection in Asia and the Pacific / Chanel Clarke
Book review: Creating the British Galleries at the V&A: A study in museology, editors: Christopher Wilk and Nick Humphrey / Louis le Vaillant
Global Museum: a crossroads for the museum world / Shaun Higgins
The Museums Aotearoa Annual Conference 2005 / Liz Cotton


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