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AGMANZ and Te Ara

AGMANZ News Volume 8 Number 1 February 1977

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AGMANZ Volume 8 Number 1 February 1977

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Editorial / L. C. Lloyd
You should know - Rose Cunninghame
Auckland War Memorial Museum - Provincial activities / J. H. Wadham
Successful conservation of de Surville anchors / Derric Vincent
Slip Stream nephrite - Dart Valley - Otago / Russell J. Beck
Southland Museum sites assessment / Alfred P. Poole
76-foot Gilbert Island canoe comes to National Museum / John Yaldwyn
Victoria & Albert Museum
NZ Bird Hall dioramas - Auckland Institute and Museum
Architecture for museums / Bruce Campbell
Petrus van der Velden / Bruce Hay.
Art museums in Scandinavia
Art forgeries
Time capsule
Auckland - past and future landscapes
ATM Conference
De Beer Travel Fund
Education programmes / R. J. Richardson
Museum Education Association of Australia
UNESCO Seminar

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