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AGMANZ and Te Ara

AGMANZ News Volume 9 Number 4 November 1978

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AGMANZ News Volume 9 Number 4 November 1978

Contents (pg. 20)

Art Galleries and Museums Association of New Zealand Overseas Policy
AGMANZ Conference 1979
Student position
The painter and the emperor - videotape
A conservation problem at our southernmost museums / D. L. Harrowfield
The display of crinoline dresses / Jennifer Queree
A strategy for vitalising a regional history museum / S. L. Bennington
Newsletter of the International Committee of National History Museums of ICOM - Review / R. K. Dell
The role of the New Zealand Government in retrieving cultural property / K. W. Thomson
Auckland War Memorial Museum - Curator of Applied Arts
A plea for repatriation of indigenous artefacts / Roger Duff
Smithsonian slide staff training series
Weighing and measuring devices
Australasian Corrosion Association
Employment wanted
Stolen pistol
International Museums' Day - Southland Museum

AGMANZ and Te Ara
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