Olivia Webb: Anthems of belonging

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Songs of belonging, struggle and unconditional love in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Artist Olivia Webb has worked closely with New Zealand families, including her own, to compose songs that embrace their values, concerns, and aspirations, and express their feelings about belonging in Aotearoa. The families have cultural and ancestral ties to Kiribati, Zambia, Samoa, the Philippines, England and the Netherlands and their songs reflect that diversity. Shown as life-sized video projections, their anthems are sung from their lounge rooms, emphasising both the personal and political qualities of using one’s voice. Introducing ideas not captured in our current national anthem ‘God Defend New Zealand’, they acknowledge the rich, constantly changing nature of Aotearoa.

You can read the lyrics and find out about the the background to each family’s anthem here

  • Date:
    13 March – 11 July 2021
  • Curator:
    Felicity Milburn
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