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Over the past two centuries many European artists have been intrigued by the art of tattooing by the New Zealand Maori. Much interest in the subject increased after it ceased to be carried out on the Maori male during the 1860's. The soldier/artist Horatio Robley was so taken by it that he wrote and copiously illustrated a unique volume on this art form.

This small exhibition is in a sense the reflection of one art form in the imagery of another. It aims to explore how a number of artists including Robley, Lindauer, Goldie and Way depicted the Moko in either drawing, painting or printmaking. We are indebted to the Canterbury Museum and the University of Canterbury Library who have made available on loan, items for display to assist the exhibition.

('Moko', Bulletin, No.24, November/December 1982, p.2)

  • Date:
    5 November 1982 – 30 January 1983
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