Issy Van Der Leden: Dog Days

This exhibition is now closed

What you’ll find down an Internet rabbit hole.

Recent Ilam School of Fine Arts graduate Issy Van Der Leden is looking for answers in the obvious place – the Internet. Following the tangential threads of a Google search leads to a multitude of Youtube clips, articles and images; a rabbit hole of news, fake news and wide-ranging opinions of people and robots across the World Wide Web. In addition to this, our various inboxes are flooded with rhizomatic content that is shared and circulated around online social networks, via DM or public feed. We see the entanglement of knowledge in contemporary life, and, in a post-truth era, who do you believe? Van Der Leden distils and transforms this mash up of material into her own version of a topic based on these alternate worlds, their architecture and feedback cycles, presenting us with her journey of finding meaning through virtual reality and the digital platforms that we cannot escape.