Inside the Solid III Too Close: 1000 x 0 – Andrea Gerbic

1 March – 12 March 1995

A landscape artist on a grand scale, Andrea Gerbic uses the whole of the Annex to create a sensurround sculptural experience.

In past exhibitions, Andrea Gerbic has used specific land sites as references for her artworks. For instance, in To Look in Fiordland, she used ultra-violet light and light sensitive paper to recreate the contour lines on topographical maps from the Hollyford walk area.

For Too Close: 1000 x 0, Gerbic is not basing her installation on a specific landscape. Rather, she has created a 'landscape' that refers to this space, the Art Annex. In doing so, she heightens our awareness of the environment we occupy.

Gerbic's art highlights the significance environment, and landscape, has on our lives.

This was part three of the Inside the Solid exhibition series focusing on installation art held at the McDougall Art Annex at the Arts Centre.