Inside the Solid II: Eugene Hanson, Mark McEntyre, David Howard, Carolyn Menzies

10 February – 12 March 1995

Inside the Solid is a series of sculptural installations aimed at complementing last year's 4 x 2: A Solid Equation which looked at four very different styles of object-based sculpture. Inside the Solid will feature five Canterbury trained sculptors who occupy a position between object-based sculpture and installation, or who work in pure space or site inspired installation. The exhibition is made up of three components, the first and last of which are solo.

Inside the Solid opened on the evening of 19 January with Maddie Leach's Pearly Kings, an installation inspired by the Annex's past and present, and invested with Leach's characteristic predilection for the freakish, pathetic and humorous. Pearly Kings runs until 5 February.

From 10 February to 12 March Eugene Hansen, Carolyn Menzies, Mark McEntyre and David Howard will share the Annex space. Both the collaborative work of Mark McEntyre and writer David Howard, and the installation by Menzies examine the role technology plays in people's lives. Using televisions, video and text McEntyre and Howard explore the way television has infiltrated our homes and changed the way we think and view. Combining the organic and the technological, Menzies looks at the life saving and enhancing 'miracles' of contemporary surgical practices, such as the transplantation of organs and manufacture of new body parts. Interested in New Zealand's identity as an island nation and the importance of water in our lives, Menzies has fabricated components of the human body from ocean debris. Hansen draws on both his Maori and European heritage with his architectural metaphors for the body. In his work modernist line and form meet personal history. In this component of Inside the Solid the Annex will simultaneously become a house, a medical laboratory, and a modernist whare.

Andrea Gerbic will bring Inside the Solid to a dramatic close with an environment created from light and UV responsive materials. Through her magical use of light Gerbic aims to reveal the formal properties and compositional elements of the space in which she is working.

('Inside the Solid', Bulletin, No.94, February/March 1995, p.3)

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex in the Arts Centre.

Exhibition numbers 571, 573, 575