4 x 2: A Solid Equation

11 August – 5 October 1994


4 by 2: A Solid Equation is a rapid change sculpture show which spotlights four emergent South Island sculptors each of whom will have a solo spot of two weeks within the overall show. The exhibition is an opportunity to present a range of sculptors who utilise strikingly different media and explore an array of themes, their approach to sculpture. That is, they make sculptural pieces that can exist independently from other works, although they may be related by a common theme, but who remain loosely object-based in concept or style, without losing their coherency or impact. In order to balance this exhibition the Annex plans to explore the less solid realm of installation-based sculpture early next year.

4 by 2: A Solid Equation opens in August with the sly wit of Simon Endres. Having graduated from the Ilam School of Fine Arts in 1991, Simon has forged a reputation for his slick plastic sculptures which draw upon and parody popular culture, consumerism and mass-production.

The magical, whimsical and seemingly delicate metal constructions of Philippa Wilson will occupy the second slot. Philippa trained at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art and has recently moved to Christchurch. Describing her latest work as Picassoesque, her profile cut metal works will focus on domestic settings.

Philippa will be followed by another Otago sculptor, Martin Sullivan who employs a variety of media, ranging from found natural objects such as sticks and animal remains, to metal rods, discarded consumer objects and carved forms. Highly fetishistic, his well-crafted works are both repellent and alluring.

Christchurch painter and sculptor Grant Takle will close the exhibition with a tactile display of covered objects. Interested in hierarchies and communication within our society, Grant has been working with forms associated with order and levels of authority adapting their size and covering them with found objects - drawing pins, scrabble letters, nails. marbles, paua - Grant's sculptures are both humorous and thought provoking.

The dates for 4 by 2: A Solid Equation are: Simon Endres 11 - 24 August, Philippa Wilson 25 August - 7 September, Martin Sullivan 5 - 21 September, Grant Takle 22 September - 5 October. As the exhibition is made up of four solo spots there will be four openings. They will be held at 5.30 on 11 August, 25 August. 8 September and the 22 September at the McDougall Art Annex.

('4 by 2: A Solid Equation', Bulletin, No.91, August/September 1994, p.2)

Exhibition numbers 562, 563, 564, 565