Adam Willetts: Star Canyon 10.5.2010 [5:00 mins]

This exhibition is now closed

Christchurch-based sound artist Adam Willetts has performed and recorded with numerous musicians and sound artists, including Bruce Russell, Clinton Watkins, Dan Arps, Sean Kerr and Richard Neave. Willetts also contributes sounds to local bands The Renderers and Grunge Genesis, and performs regularly throughout New Zealand and internationally. His work ranges from ambient soundscapes to intense walls of distorted analogue noise; as a solo artist he is well regarded for his unique improvised performances utilising his home-made analogue modular synthesiser. It was this instrument, along with a vintage FM synthesiser, that was used to perform Star Canyon, a track specially created for the Gallery's SUBSONIC programme.

  • Date:
    1 June – 31 July 2010
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