Listening: Sound Walk

Listening: Sound Walk


Saturday 10 July 2021 / 1pm

Meet at the front desk


Celebrate the final day of Anthems of Belonging on a unique walking workshop with multisensory artist and researcher, Dr Jo Burzynska. Explore your senses, and the listening process itself as we encounter the sounds of the city.

We will be redefining and reclaiming listening – challenging our perceptions and how we navigate our shared spaces. Join Jo Burzynska to explore how our senses interact in the embodied listening process as we encounter the sounds of the city.

Dr Jo Burzynska is a multisensory artist whose work harnesses sensory and aesthetic resonances between the non-visual senses. Regularly combining sonic, edible, aromatic and tactile elements, her art has been created and exhibited across the world. Also a widely published writer, she contributes on sound, music and wine to local and international publications and is an editor of the New Zealand sonic arts journal Writing Around Sound. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at The Arts Centre, Christchurch where she is using a critical walking practice to explore the city with the non-visual senses to answer the question: What might we find when we stop looking?

Artist Olivia Webb has worked closely with New Zealand families, including her own, to compose songs that embrace their values, concerns, and aspirations, and express their feelings about belonging in Aotearoa.