Vivienne Shark LeWitt



  • 1988
  • soft ground etching
  • Purchased 1990
  • 995 x 700mm
  • 90/23:22-40

Vivienne Shark LeWitt is known primarily for her work as a painter, for which she has developed a considerable reputation since first exhibiting in the mid 1980s. Her most recent exhibition, Vivienne Shark LeWitt: comedies & proverbs, held at the Ian Potter Museum of Art in Melbourne in 2008, provided a broad survey of her paintings from throughout her career. Shark LeWitt’s imagery is known for its introspection and self-reflection and, as is seen in these works, often reflects an interest in renaissance and medieval historical art. The prints created by Shark LeWitt for the Aus Australien portfolio represent her first foray into printmaking.

Exhibition History