Allen Maddox

b.1948, d.2000

No Mail Today

  • 1978
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Purchased 2015
  • 1498 x 1713mm
  • 2015/043

Allen Maddox began producing his well-known ‘X’ paintings around 1975 when, in a moment of despondency, he angrily defaced a painting he was working on with an X. The motif stuck, and he began repeating his 'crosses in boxes' over and over on his canvases. There is a compulsiveness in Maddox’s ‘X’ paintings; at once ordered yet disordered, they demonstrate a combination of gestural boldness and neurotic energy. Maddox commented in 1977 that he ‘would like to be able to visually reproduce the little electric thought patterns that go on in your head when one is paranoiac… How I thrill to a composition resolved by “painterly” means. Splashes, strokes, aesthetic errors.’

(No! That’s wrong XXXXXX, 25 June 2016 – 30 April 2017)

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