Simon Turcotte, GM of Singapore Airlines New Zealand
Simon Turcotte, GM of Singapore Airlines New Zealand

Art makes me fly

Gallery partner

Simon Turcotte, GM of Singapore Airlines New Zealand, writes on art, Christchurch and why Singapore Airlines partner with the Gallery.

Singapore Airlines has long supported Christchurch and the Canterbury region as the gateway to the entire South Island. In fact in 2016 we’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary of our first services to Christchurch.

The reopening of Christchurch Art Gallery is a tremendous milestone for the rebuilding and regeneration of Christchurch and we’re delighted to be supporting this landmark occasion. Christchurch Art Gallery is for everyone, locals and visitors. Over the summer months we anticipate many of the visitors we bring to the region will include Christchurch Art Gallery on their itinerary.

We’re proud to support art, artists, Christchurch Art Gallery, and the Canterbury region now and into the future. Singapore Airlines has a strong and enduring connection with the arts sector. We sponsor art exhibitions and events locally and internationally including the Singapore Festival of the Arts and the LaSalle College of the Arts.

We know art galleries and exhibitions are extremely popular with travellers and we take great pride in being able to help people travel to enjoy some of the world’s greatest pieces of art. We’re also extremely privileged to be trusted by the world’s leading galleries and museums to help move their artworks around the globe, making them more accessible to everyone.  

While I’ve had the privilege to live and work in some of the world’s most famous art cities, including most recently Barcelona, my personal artistic interest is photography. The ability to capture in a split second human emotion, nature at its most glorious (or fiercest), or history as it happens, is an art that I truly admire.

Art makes me think. It provides an opportunity to give insight into, and promote greater understanding and appreciation of, different perspectives and cultures. Art is inclusive. Art means something to everyone.