Christchurch Art Gallery Facade

Behind the scenes

A giant spaceship landed on a plateau
The reflection of a tornado.
An ocean of transparent glass waves
A sleeping dragon lying on the ground
An ice block kissed by the sun, beaming!
The inner can see you outside.

The mass. It clears our mind.
A mirror to reflect our image.
The angular bone structure of a model's face
A ghost town
Clouds reflected on the polished surface
Formed as a jigsaw
A delicate crystal castle
As light as a reflection
And as deep as the ocean
Ribbed like a staple, or silver braces
And as curved as a politician's statement.
Birds' wings sleekly cutting through the air.


By students of the Hagley Community College Year 12 Creative Writing Class.

Over the coming weeks we'll be featuring more works from the students here on the Bunker Notes blog.

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